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Starting a new business is not a part-time venture. Hiring a contract developer can sometimes be difficult process they are expected to be very skilled in their chosen field. A contract developer is actually a contract programmer who is hired for a temporary or fixed-length contract basis. These programmers develop applications and software to be installed in small or large business information technology projects. Contract developers should be proficient and skilled in using programming languages in order to generate fruitful revenues for company. Contract developers should have strong work experience and certifications so that their services become ideal for the projects they assume.

Role of Smart Contract Developer in Digital Arena

A contract developer codes computer directions and instructions on a temporary or part time basis for a company. Developers use coding languages including Java, C++ to create, modify, repair or expand programs asked by the contractor. These programmers work on writing of software designed by software engineers. They also code all the instructions into the system with help of a programming language. One of the core duties of developers is to ensure that the language flows logically across the system. They are also responsible of ensuring that there are no hindrances in the overall design of the system.

Contract developers explore the foundations of programming languages such as C++, Java, and Python and update the system medium, modify the code and make necessary changes asked by the contractor.

In order to avoid pitfalls and attain best practiced services contractors must pay heed to the following tips:

  1. Requirements

Before signing a contract with developer companies must know the lists of requirements they want the developers to work on. Companies often work on documentation and quotation for creating and implementing the project in the future.

Most preferable way for companies is to set requirements and priorities to work on development of anticipated future projects. Companies often develop MVP (Minimal Viable Product) which enables companies to share it with your prospects.

  1. Evaluation

Even before working on requirements companies must evaluate the working criteria of the developer. Companies should ask for developers previous work experience, how long they have worked on same kind of project, their average cost for a project, staff expertise and management skillsbefore signing a contract with the developer.

  1. Parameters of Project

Back office integration with an interface, CRM integration, mailing exchanges, payment system and communication integration are the necessary parameters to count for rapid growth of a project. Companies should forecast the overall cost expenditure but first they should only work on the development of selective features whichcompanies want to consider in the first version.

  1. Cost

Cost of the project is an important consideration. Companies work on initial funding to future development funding process with developers in order to meet and greet the project specifications its future implications and technical expertise.

  1. Technical Expertise

Knowledge, work experience, resources and objectives play a vital role in choosing a contract developer which work on building a successful custom platform on a well known framework. These developers are responsible for building a business model and provide a path to scale the working platform. Programmers work on ways to provide technical solutions to business problems.

  1. Proprietary Solutions

Developers, who work on contract basis, often sell products without the source code which are not compatible with other systems. Software companies often develop their own framework hence sometimes it becomes difficult for them to work on compatibility issues of the whole system. That is why companies often ask questions like how the contract developer will convert the internal system during the development of software.

  1. Infrastructure

Working infrastructure sometimes becomes difficult and complex that is why it is good to be informed of theexpert area of developer. Either he will work on a cloud infrastructure or simple hosting solution. Ask them to provide proper technical documentation support of system infrastructure.

  1. Source Code Repository

Same like infrastructure the source code should be controlled in a way that everyone knows what is being done and by whom. Developers are using subscription ways from tools like bitbucket and github which enable the contractor and the developer to see the changes being made in source code.

  1. Project Management

Software companies are using agile methodology to improve and enhance the overall improvement of project. Agile allows companies to put their project development in a testing environment and provide weekly report. This also allows contract developers to easily fix issues and rewrite portions of code at the end.

contract developer

Types of Software Development Contract

Software development contract basically defines the way the project is to be delivered and what the contractor will receive at the end. The contract basically determines actions, responsibilities and specifications of the contract.

contract developer

Time and Materials

This type of contract is one of the most widely used development contract. This type of contract includes the agreement on time and hours spending on project, hourly times and rates. This contract requires less initial preparation and planning.

Fixed Bid

This type of agreement is one of the best suited contracts for companies. Fixed bids are common on freelance platforms where the developer post his task and get the price.Fixed bid contracts basically define the scope of the project which is to be delivered and the price to be paid.

Fixed Budget

Fixed budget is extended version of fixed bid. The only difference is that the price is negotiated at the start but the project specifications can be changed afterwards accordingly.

Capped Budget

This model provides developers with bonuses for delivering the project ahead of the schedule. Quality of time is sometimes compromised in this case which is encouraged by development team.

Key Tips of Standard Development Contract

Services to be provided

Following details must be agreed upon before signing a contract:

  • Description of the project
  • Changes to be made
  • Cost and time associated with the project

Project time and cost

Project time and cost mainly include:

  • Hourly rates
  • Development phases
  • Milestones
  • Deadlines


Testing phase includes:

  • Who will do the testing
  • How much time testing will take
  • How the test results will be communicated

Intellectual property rights

Following provisions are included in the contract:

  • Ownership of source code
  • Transfer of source code

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