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All the applications you use in your computer, mobile phone and tablet exist due to technical endeavors of a software developer. Software developers are tech professionals and are experienced developers who create and design software for a system/ device to function well. Software developers also known as computer engineers, computer programmers play a vital role in the design, installation, and maintenance of software programs. Most of the companies have full-time developers but small and medium scale companies often hire software developers in order to avoid additional maintenance costs.

According to Statista, 28.2% of the developers are employed in the software industry while 14.3% are employed in the internet or web industry.

List of Tasks for Software Developers

From designing, testing, installation, maintenance, integration and coding, key tasks of software developers vary from project to project. Software developers tasks list include:

  • Analyze current system
  • Brief ideas about system maintenance
  • Work in a team with designer, technicians, and analysts
  • Produce detailed specification and write codes for programs
  • Test the product
  • Maintain the system once it is running

Skills to consider when you are going to Hire Software Developers

Following enlists the skill set to consider while hiring software developers.

  • Proficiency in modern computer hardware and software
  • Fluency in computer language including C++, Java, Python, XML, PHP
  • Know how of operating systems: Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, Windows, HPUX, BSD
  • Adeptness with databases such as Oracle and MySQL
  • Analytical and commercial experience
  • Ability to identify and rectify problems
  • Flexible with programming language
  • Great communication skills
  • Ability to produce well written codes

Types of Software Developers

Software developers are the ones who create and maintain computer systems. Their intelligence mechanism allows us to perform our functions properly. Software developers are specialized either in

  1. System Software Developer
  2. Application Software Developer

System Software Developer is responsible for researching, designing and testing the operating system level software. They compile network distribution software for medical, industrial, aerospace, military, business, and other general computing applications. They set operational specifications, formulate and analyze system requirements and design embedded system software for mobile apps and websites.

Task and Responsibilities of System Developer

  • Specify power supply requirements and specifications
  • Revise existing software and check errors
  • Upgrade interface and improve system performance
  • Develop system software and test it for validation process
  • Store, retrieve and operate data to analyze system capabilities and requirements
  • Prepare documentation for correspondence purposes
  • Monitor equipment functioning in order to ensure system is operating up to the mark.

An Application Software Developer is responsible for creating, maintaining and implementing the source code which develops the application or program. Application developers are also known as software engineers and are responsible for developing the sample application, designate structural unit of program and harmonize application program with development team.

Task and Responsibilities of Application Developer

  • Work on client’s need and create application that provides solution
  • Communicate about application development ideas with coders and management
  • Test, debug and improve errors in application
  • Create, maintain and implement the source code data

Firms hire software developers in order to maintain programs, eradicate bugs from the system and upgrading the existing system according to client’s demands.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics

  • Median pay for software developers in 2017 was $103,560 per year.
  • Number of jobs for software developers alone in 2016 was 1,256,200.
  • Job outlook form 2016-26 is expected to increase by 24%.

Software developers play a lead role in the development process of a software program and web applications. Developers identify the core functionality requirement, match it with user’s requirements and then design the program accordingly. Developers give instructions to programmers who then write computer code and test it. Companies often have the same developer and programmer to work on the application, however; if some company does not have same developer and programmer then they hire software developers.

Developers who work on a project from its starting of planning to implementation phase are also called IT project managers. IT project managers ensure that the project is meeting the working standards, work on meeting deadlines and cost targets.

Area of Expertise

Check for the area of expertise, work experience and analytical skill of a person when you are going to hire software developers. Different enterprises look for a different skill set in a developer. Mentioned below are platforms, languages, and applications every software developer has experience of.


i. Languages are tools used to create software applications. Programming languages are grammatical rules which give the command to the computer to perform a specific task. Hence it is necessary for software developers to know the language well. Developers specialize in language whatsoever they want to pursue as their career. C, C++, C#, Java, Python, PHP, HTML are one of the most commonly opted programming languages in today’s digital world.

   ii.Java is one of the most popular and adopted programming language. Java language is a synchronized, object-oriented language which reduces the element of implementation dependencies.

   iii.C, C++, C# has generic programming features which facilitate programmers in low memory programming issues. It is being most widely used in speed games and operating systems including windows.

   iv.SQL language is basically used to interface data with a relational database system. It is used to store, retrieve and manipulate data in databases.

   v.Python is most popularly used for the purpose of expanding web pages, user interface, and data analysis. Python is an object-oriented language which allows you to work more swiftly and accurately.

According to Statista 62.5% of software developers’ use Java language and 51.2% use SQL language for their programming purpose.


Platforms provide the developer with an environment to design software successfully. Platforms are usually known as operating systems allowing a developer to run applications on a computing device. These platforms provide developers with an environment where they can optimize system performance.

   i.Microsoft Windows

Organize and control hardware and software in a manner that the system behaves in a flexible and predictable way. Developers work on different platforms in order to generate new versions of working systems. Software developers work on creating, improving and maintaining newly developed systems.


Cloud is becoming one of the most adopted operating systems worldwide. Cloud platform allows developers to share their resources on multiple verticals and achieve economies of scale and consistency in the workflow. Software developers enable the user to interact with system application.


Android is a mobile operating system specifically designed for Smartphone user interface. Software developers keep on working on the updates and enhancement features for every kind of application available on the digital store of Smartphone for android apps.

According to Statista

  • 62% of software developers’ use Windows system as their development environment.
  • Android holds market share of 86% for Google’s mobile operating system.

States with Maximum Concentration of Developers

State Employment Average Annual Salary
Washington 48,890 $115,370
Colorado 22,680 101,590
Virginia 36,840 $104,170
New Jersey 37,350 $100,830
Massachusetts 26,900 $109,670

 Skills to Consider while Hiring Software Developer

Software developers build applications for businesses, organization, and other functional entities which fulfill their needs and specifications. Following are the list of skills which an enterprise must consider when they are going to hire software developers.

   a)Analytical Skills

Analytical and problem-solving skills are a must have to check when you are going to hire a software developer. Analytical skills allow developer to establish client’s needs and problem- solving skills enable a developer in overriding troubleshooting problems.

   b)Communication Skills

Communication skills hold the key importance for any initial project. Effective and astounding communication skills are required in order to fully comprehend the details and requirements of the project.

   c)Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills allow software developers to work competently and dedicatedly with the team and produce far-reaching results for the project. Proper communication and interaction allows teams to work in a coordinating environment which is essential for dealing with the client.


A Software developer is tech personnel who know every working detail of the mechanics of application development. A Software developer should be well versed in system technologies and must always come up with an innovative idea for technical support of the system.

hire software developers

Job Tags associated with Software Developers

Software developers are also known as

  • System engineers
  • Computer system analysts
  • Software quality assurance engineer and tester
  • Computer programmer
  • Computer user support specialist

How to Hire Software Developers

Software developers are the ones who bring immense strategic benefits to the enterprises. In this virtual world where every achievement is calculated in digitalized term enterprises are looking for such developers which will not only provide maximum procedural solutions to their enterprises but will also drive revenues.

Critical IT Skills for Software Developers

Following IT skills should be kept in mind when you are going to hire software developers in order to grow your business virtually and globally.

  • Adept to new technologies
  • Previous work experience
  • Can work in fast-paced environment
  • Persistence to perform a critical task
  • Resourceful and proactive in sharing ideas
  • Professional mobility

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