CakePHP web development services

CakePHP is a tangibly intuitive Sci-Fi technology and its newest features have the best potential of digital market growth. CakePHP has continued to evolve in uplifting digital marketing to new standards. The upgraded versions of CakePHP framework have made it a leading force in the PHP world. The enhanced CakePHP components have made web development easier and flexible with rapidly built high-quality web applications. These features help developers focus on core web developments. With the reduced ramp-up time, CakePHP can create effective, robust, and affordable websites easily. There is a need to hire CakePHP developers for easy and efficient CakePHP development projects and CakePHP applications.

CakePHP Development Solutions

A proficient CakePHP development services provider can perceive the entire PHP frameworks significantly to achieve the best digital marketing potential and the maximized output.

CakePHP web development services

Custom CakePHP Web Application Development

With CakePHP open source and MVC frameworks incorporate in building rich featured and customized websites for every type of business. It helps in the building of strong architectural foundation and robust web infrastructure through convention over configuration, active record, front controller and objective data mapping. An experienced and dynamic CakePHP developer ensures standardized and cost-effective web applications. Web development under CakePHP solutions ensures a customized, integrated, secured and rapid development.

CakePHP Incentives in Web Development

  • Richer query API
  • Shorter RL syntax
  • Smarter router prefixes
  • Compatible with versions 4 and 5 of PHP
  • Code generation
  • Fast and flexible template
  • Adoptable ACL
  • Flexible Catching
  • Search engine friendly URL

CakePHP Support & Maintenance Services

CakePHP solutions are sufficient to build platforms such as shopping carts, contentment management platforms, and web application with numerous multiple features.

CakePHP Based CMS Solutions

CakePHP solutions are helpful in building large-scale web applications using PHP. CakePHP helps users to achieve improved results and build user friendly and best user experience webs through PHP frameworks.


It allows developers, programmers, and users to create different types of contents of their own choices such as web content, blog, press release and informational content. Croogo also allows users to separate content with Taxonomy templates. It edits content directly from the browser.

Oven CMS

It is developed on jQuery, JavaScript and CakePHP framework. Oven CMS can be easily modularized with plug-ins which makes it an ideal platform for small, mid-large business websites as well as for corporate apps.

Lumad CMS

It helps CakePHP developers to manage small business websites with a powerful yet simple user Interface (UI).


It is developed under CakePHP and jQuery JavaScript library. Wildflower is user-friendly, quality oriented and built under MIT license.

CupCake CMS

It is created to provide web designers with an easy deployment tool to manage content in small-midsized websites. The user-friendly, design-centric open source is meant for simple deployment of websites. CupCake CMS framework doesn’t need any coding or programming.


Simpleflan is used to manage designer portfolio websites. Simpleflan is flexible and compatible with php4, php5 and many others. It offers niche UI with an unlimited number of clients, images, categories, projects, and images.

CakePHP Based Product Development Services

Cake PHP with an intuitive MVC framework designed to build unique business websites rapidly. Numerous factors contribute to the excellence of our Cake PHP development services including the simplicity of codes, the usability with HTML forms, AJAX integration, lucid caching, brilliant localization, and the usage of ACL modules

CakePHP Based Module/Plugin Development

CakePHP sets up a combination of controllers, models, and views and release them as a pre-packaged application plugin that others can use in their CakePHP applications. Create an efficient user management, blog, or web services module in one of your applications through PHP plugin. Your data can be reused in your other applications and can be shared with the community altogether.

Enterprise Application Development

CakePHP is the complete package offered by CakePHP web development services to build integrated and robust infrastructures of web applications with user friendly UI designs to ensure their high market value.

CakePHP web development services

Market-Oriented Benefits of CakePHP Development

High Quality: With no configuration and MVC pattern, easy data handling helps developers focus on the main web development elements. There is no issue of frowning upon the fuss of its installations or configurations. With flexible methods of coding, it enhances the maintenance level of web development. CakePHP automated web application development features provide a broad spectrum for improvement, testing, and a standardized end to end execution of web applications.

Less Pricey: CakePHP features are easily available in affordable prices with its reusable codes and functions. Web development coding can be done at very cheaper prices. It is also free because it is built under MIT license.

Security: CakePHP has a built-in security and authentication system. The security is the sensitive issue and problem faced in the globalized world. With evolved features of CakePHP, frameworks help to have a profound view of the operations. It improved the security level in the building, controlling, and testing web applications. It has many built-in tools for CSRF protection, input validation, SQL injection prevention, form tampering protection, and XSS prevention.

Quick Turnaround Time: with no configuration, object-rational mapping and reusable codes have reduced the development time span with enhanced quality. In-built Validation helps to fix multifaceted advanced rules. Additionally, the engaging plugins help to save time for developers in writing code.

Smooth Data Management: CRUD allows the smooth management of data in the web development process. CRUD has the creating, Read, Update, and Delete option to support various operations of the web applications. It’s very useful with one single line of code.

Super Compatibility: The framework is compatible with almost all types of websites and directories. It is also compatible and finds superior functionality with the latest PHP Version. The users are not required to download the entire package in order to start working with it. With CakePHP, you can simply and hassle-free install the database and work around it in order to develop the applications.

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