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LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Linux being the operating system, Apache the web server, mysql the database and php the language for server side. Lamp stack developer is also sometimes referred as full stack developer. Here is the thing though, LAMP stack is not only any more those languages. Now a days with this saturated world of developers, LAMP stack is more than just apache, mysql, php etc. Java script has now become a major part of the stack if one wants to be considered a full stack developer. MySQL is no more the only db, with a variety of NoSQL solutions like Elastic Search and mongo and persistent caching solutions like rides etc, databases now operate at a different level. To hire a php developer, companies routinely look for those new cutting edge technologies in addition to the basic ones. Thais what we also look for when we interview for our site.

We believe that the way to the future of programming is JavaScript, with the frameworks like Angular, react, meteor and much more becoming more and more mainstream.

JavaScript supports asynchronous nature of programming and that what it gives it the power to process things simultaneously. If you are coming from a background of synchronous programming (PHP etc), it could be a little bit learning curve to how to effectively use that powerful feature and how to use promises and resolve them. Please download the book below and let us know if we can help you with anything.

Download: JavaScript Novice to Ninja

JavaScript tutorials: JavaScript for beginners

Hire a developer: Hire a LAMP stack Developer

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