This article is for all the gadget geeks who are technologically apt. Since past two decades iOS and android mobile application development have been surreal addition to the advancement of tech world. Android app development is providing an open environment to new users where they can truly explore their potential, make innovation and bring revolution in ultra tech world. Hence the growth of android market has grown exponentially. With hundreds and millions of daily downloads, tremendous growth of Android apps has been predicted by app developers.

Mobile application development

Innovation and creativity is the key to hold place in hi-tech environment. With majestic developments of GPS, Cloud integration, Android phones acting as credit cards end user wonder this would be the end of the world. But the ones working on mobile application development keep pouring modernization and bring novelty through new android apps. Best attention seeking and highly ranked apps are the ones which address the common man.

With every passing day, every other computer nerd is developing a mobile application but fails to grab attention and ranking. Why So? This article will provide you with the guidelines to follow and parameters to adopt if you want to take place and earn name in the field of mobile application development.


First and foremost important part of your app development is to pick up the right platform for app development. Developers of apps can revamp the code and devise the apps which can work proficiently on various platforms including Android, iOS, Windows and many more. Currently, Kinveys is providing app developers with a platform for both iOS and Android. On the other hand, Apple X code and android studio are providing platforms to their respective fields.

Idea Formation:

Once done with choosing the platform now comes the idea behind the app. Your idea must be unique and no replica of an already existing app. Your idea must be appealing and target oriented with an in depth market research.  There is software named Generate through which you can generate your company name, app name, and website name. Check here

Design and Interface:

Always remember that the design and trouble-free functions of apps are the keys which grab attention of the user. Once you are done with brainstorming the idea next step is about the design and interface of the app. As it is said that it is the simplicity which holds the sophistication so try to build the design, language, and interface of your app as simple as possible. Make your app user friendly because complex languages and functionalities sometimes become more than a liability than an asset for you. It depends upon you if you want a UX (User Experience Design) or UI (User Interface Design) for your app. Both have same functions but operate in a different way. UX design is more systematic and analytic on the other hand UI design is a bit more like graphic designing. Consequently, UX design caters the process, development, and improvement of quality interaction between a user and firm and UI provides visual assets of brand and boost up user experience.


After planning next step for mobile application development includes feasibility of the app. Feasibility includes demonstration of user’s options, blueprint of app design. Moreover, accurate estimation of time and resources to be implied and investment pulling strategies are what make an app worth it.


Testing is the final and vital phase of ensuring the quality and practicability of the app. If testing is done successfully you will be able to hold place in competitive market of software and application development world.

Development and Maintenance:

The final and vital phase is now app development phase. There are various platforms from which you can get your mobile application developed. Or you can learn by yourself that how to develop an app. Most of the users hire outsources for development of app. Multiple outsourcing firms are available in tech market. Such as WADIC, they are providing their clients with 30 days free trial of their services. For more visit their website

Mobile application development

Furthermore, to avoid any future challenges keep yourself fully updated with new innovations revolving around tech market. Because in this updated world of technology only those who know how to stand tall and make their place in fierce competition will make their way to the future. Because future belongs to technology.

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