PHP is an acronym for Hypertext Pre processor. PHP is an open source scripting language mainly used for web application development which then can be embedded into HTML and JavaScript etc. Open sourcing includes technological advancement, innovation, modification, adoption and redistribution of website design model. Scripting language basically includes coding of lines written for mechanization of various tasks. These days every other software and digital company is working on ways to hire PHP developer in USA order to bring novelty to their site.

hire php developer in usa

Usage of PHP:

With no licensing fee required for server-side programming, PHP language holds a nominal amount of cost to start operating. PHP scripts provide their base to one of the most widely used operating systems including Linux, UNIX, Solaris, Microsoft Windows, MAC OS and various others.

PHP Developer:

PHP developers are responsible for writing, testing and maintaining the codes for web pages and programs related to graphics. PHP developers build websites, applications, and programs which perform functions accordingly. Work stream of PHP developers also includes maintenance, troubleshooting, and testing of the source code of the program. PHP developers are also called web developers and software developers.

PHP developer also forms user interface and work behind the scene depending upon the circumstances. Job responsibilities of job developer include:

  • Website administration
  • Software testing
  • Integration of data storage solutions
  • User training
  • Develop and deploy latest features

Hiring a PHP Developer:

Educational background and relevant work experience are a must considering options when you are about to hire PHP developer in USA. Some candidates have 2 years diploma certificates while others have 2 year degree certificates in computer science. 2 years degree certificate is more proficient than diploma course without work experience in relevant field.

As far as work experience is considered one must search for a candidate with industry-specific experience in order to compete with their own organizational demands. Many outsourcing companies are available on the internet today to help you find the right employees for the right job. There are outsourcing companies available who provide you employees for full time, part time and on an hourly basis. PHP developers recommended by these companies are monitored and scrutinized in such a manner that in the end, you will evenly get quality of work you have paid for. Once done with selecting the desired candidate next come the step by HR department to evaluate the record of the candidate, conduct interview and technical test and make final decision of selection accordingly.

Cost of Hiring a PHP Developer:

If you are considering the cost plan to hire PHP developer in USA then it primarily will depend upon the candidate’s knowledge and proficiency in PHP development. Beginners and transitional developers hiring costs are low as compared to experts in the respective field.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics average salary of PHP developer range up to $85,000 per year. Those who are at the 10th percentile earn up to $54,980.

Most of the web developers are categorized into separate categories of Security analysts, Web developers and computer network architects whose average earnings are a bit low.

hire php developer in usa

Project type and availability of budget play a vital role in process of hiring a PHP developer. Pay scale and salaries differ from skill to skill and work experience. Junior developers are working on round about $50k, middle developers salary range from $60k to $70k and senior developers are taking $80k+. Employees working on an hourly basis are getting $20, $30 and $50 respectively.

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