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PHP in actual stands for Personal Home Page but now it stands for backronym for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP has extensively used scripting language which is especially suited for web development that can be embedded into HTML. Hire PHP programmer wisely because they are liable for writing server-side web application program. PHP developers mainly develop back-end components, provide support to front-end developers, connect application with web services and integrate their work with application.

Chief Difference between Scripting Language and Programming Language

Scripting language interprets scripts at runtime. They are mostly used for routine tasks and are usually embedded in other software environments.

Programming language is a server side script which has all the features that are necessary for application development. Programming language is not embedded in other languages.

Areas where PHP scripts are used

PHP scripts are most widely used in three areas including:

     1)Server Side Scripting

Server side scripting is one of the traditional fields of PHP.

     2)Command Line Scripting

Command line scripting gives command to server to run a program.

     3)Write Desktop Applications

Advanced PHP features are used in client-side application to create a desktop application.

PHP is most widely used on all major operating systems including Microsoft, Windows, MacOS, Linux, UNIX, and many others. PHP provides its support to web servers also.

Importance of PHP

PHP is one of the most commonly used programming languages as PHP code can be used for web template system, web framework, and web content management system. Persuasive reasons of increased use of PHP include:

  • PHP provides a cross platform that is, you can deploy your applications on a number of different operating systems.
  • Provides short learning curve
  • Provides support for working easily with MySQL
  • PHP is updated on daily basis to keep up with the pace of newest tech trends.

Features of PHP

Most useful features of PHP include:

  • Read, collect and process from data
  • Send and receive cookies
  • Create graphics
  • Work with HTML
  • Work with popular databases like Oracle, MySQL
  • Produce vibrant page content
  • Manage user-access
  • Create, open, read and write files on server
  • Encrypt data

An Insight to PHP Development Services

Custom PHP Development

Custom PHP development increases the performance of web applications. Proficient skills and imminent expertise are required to create complex applications. PHP programmers work on tailor-made development services for large and small industries. Custom PHP development gives you incessant control over the code and provides superior flexibility to developers to add features according to client’s requirements.

PHP based CMS Development

PHP based CMS development provides integration capability, add features and functionalities, extend the MVC framework architect and availability and customize the skills. PHP based CMS development ensures exceptionally high application standards. PHP developers adopt robust CMS solution using PHP in the shortest time.

E-commerce Development

E-commerce development solution work on strategies such as improving customer experience, increasing revenue per shopping, customer reengagement, streamline the process, reduce the number of vacant shopping carts and deploy customer engagement programs. E-commerce solutions provide the client with the advantage of increased ROI and revenues.

Corporate Website Development

PHP development allows firms to achieve a high level of security and parallel execution for any corporate website development. They design a corporate website in such a way that it sticks to their business rules and vision.

Web Application Development

PHP programmer develops web applications in such a way that they are compatible, responsive and custom tailored. Through web application development they ensure maximum visits on the website through its eye-catching interface.

Social Networking Solution

Social network solutions provide companies with the leverage to expand their social network through digital solutions and help them grow their businesses virtually. Companies are trying to increase their digital presence through social networking tools and increase engagement whilst capture data.

Responsibilities of PHP Programmer

PHP programmer is responsible for ensuring application’s accurate stability and enhanced performance.  Responsibilities of PHP developers mainly enlist:

  • Building resourceful, testable and reusable PHP modules
  • Integrating user-facing elements developed by front-end developers
  • Integrating data storage solutions
  • Solving complex architectural challenges and performance problems

Skills and Qualifications Required to Hire PHP Programmer

PHP programmer plays a crucial role in the integration and support system of an application. Following are listed skills and qualifications which are required when you are hiring a PHP programmer.

  • Strong knowledge of PHP web frameworks such as Yii, Laravel
  • Understanding of front-end technologies such as Java, HTML
  • Basic understanding of MVC design samples
  • Perceptive to synchronous behavior of PHP
  • Understand the accessibility and security compliance
  • Familiarity with restrictions of PHP platform
  • Understanding of fundamental designing principles
  • Understanding of code versioning tools such as Git.

Flexible Engagement Models to Hire PHP Programmer

PHP programmers are responsible for creating dynamic websites and making them fully operational and functional. Startup businesses or growing companies often go for hiring a PHP programmer in order to reduce risk and operational costs. PHP programmers assist companies in creating a highly effective website and bring fruitful results to the company in form of sales, revenues and market growth. Hiring models of PHP programmer include:

Flexible Hiring

Flexible hiring provides enterprises with the facility to hire a technology partner for their firm through flexible engagement contracts. Firms hire PHP programmers on fixed working hours either on a monthly, weekly or hourly basis.

Dedicated Hiring

Dedicated hiring provides you with a proficient tech team who work as an extension of your own team on a full-time basis. Dedicated hiring allows firms to gain full control over daily reporting, work allocation, work analysis and monitoring.

Project Based Hiring

When you hire PHP programmer on a project base you get the leverage of getting focused outputs. Project based hiring is a quick and cost effective working solution which delivers fruitful results to companies.

Customized Hiring

Often companies go for customized hiring in order to gain customized and digitized website results. Requirements for customized hiring vary from company to company. 

Benefits of Hiring PHP Programmer

There are numerous reasons to hire PHP programmer.

  1. Cost effectiveness

Firms hire PHP programmer to gain operational efficiency and cost effectiveness by eliminating anomalies.

  1. Flexible Functions

PHP programmers provide flexible solutions to technical problems during web application development process.

  1. Advanced Support

Firms, by hiring PHP programmers, get the support of high tech PHP developers regarding queries, coding, training etc.

  1. Technological Expertise

In order to make a project successful firms hire developers with profound tech knowledge and technological expertise.

  1. Operational Facilities

By hiring PHP developers on remote basis you get the benefit of not facilitating them with tech gadgets.

  1. Efficient Code Analysis and Database Optimization

Outsourced PHP developers are competent and compatible enough to work on efficient code analysis, data base creation, and optimization.

  1. Easy Accessibility

Physical distance does not seem to be a burden while hiring PHP developer. Internet has made things easy to connect with.

  1. On Time Deliveries

PHP programmers are capable to work on specific timelines and deadlines and provide you with fruitful benefits of project.

hire remote PHP programmer

Cost to Hire PHP Programmer

PHP is one of the most widely used languages among software developers. According to Statista 28% of developers are using PHP for their programming language. Companies are hiring dedicated PHP programmers to turn client’s specifications into a workable and tangible product.

Project Scope

The scope, requirements and working schedule of the project plays a vital role in determining the cost of hiring a PHP programmer. Remote PHP programmers are often part of Development Company who provides you with the list of all tech experts they have.

Nature fall projects are not necessarily the same. Some clients ask for coding of the projects other asks for scripts for WordPress site. Hence nature of work to be done also varies. Time is another variable to consider while determining scope of project that how you will handle milestones of payment for development phases. Clients often hire PHP programmer on hourly, weekly or monthly basis.

PHP Developer Experience

PHP programming is a widely used tool to develop applications and websites. Choosing the right level of capability and expertise for the project are key factors while hiring a dedicated PHP developer. Project manager and PHP programmer make project operational and functional. Experience level of developers varies from programmer to programmer. Back-end PHP developer, intermediate developer, and full stack developers experience vary from developer to developer.

Independent Contractor Vs Agency

Companies who want quality and guaranteed results for their project often hire expert PHP developers in order to gain and maintain long-term virtual benefits. Administration level may vary from independent contractor versus hiring from an agency. Agencies provide you with the benefit of providing the latest PHP versions of technology to better cater to your project requirement. Project scope and personal preference also play a vital role in determining which developer to chose and on which cost.

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